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10 Reasons Why Android is better than iOS

Are you interested to know why Android is better than iOS or why android OS is more popular as compared to Apple iOS? If yes, then you are at right place. Because today we are sharing complete and detailed guide about several comparison which shows android is more popular and seems to be better as compared to iOS.

Detailed Guide about Why Android is better than iOS?

So let’s get started and have a look at these comparisons between iOS and Android to get more idea about both of these two OS:

Customization (Interface) 

If you relish having the ability to customize your phone, then android is that the thanks to go. Detest the quality keyboard that android comes with? Easy! Simply transfer a third-party keyboard app that replaces the stock one. Detest the whole launcher that runs your phone? Transfer a brand new launcher. Wish to form your phone have a layout specifically sort of a Windows phone? Yep, you’ll be able to try this, too.

Where has this been with iOS? Well, Apple likes to stay things easy and easy that is ok. Why then, with the discharge of iOS 8, did they copy several things that android has had for an extended time now? Prophetic text on your messages, a health app, third-party keyboards, Swype texting, cloud storage for all of your photos, widgets, and more.
It’s safe to mention that the bulk of the most recent and greatest package options is found with android and Apple is currently behind. And this shows alwasy Android is better than iOS.

Google Play Store Unique Feature

The Google Play Store is amazing. It well set out, extraordinarily easy, and offers regarding any form of the app that you simply will think about. They simply modified the layout to a really nice UI once you click on an app within the Play Store that you simply will see with the right-most “Instagram” image on top of. It is simple to scan, they show the users what they require envisioning, and it’s visually appealing.

I even have used each the Google Play Store and also the Apple App Store quite a bit. They are each superb app stores. However, that is not wherever the advantage comes sure android. The advantage here is that submitting an app to the Google Play Store is way easier than browsing the Apple App Store.
Yes, that’s as a result of Apple goes through a tedious method of checking your app that you simply are submitting to form positive it follows their tips. this could stop malware from being downloaded via an app, however, that is not even half it.

Multi Tasking as well as Widgets Comparing

Widgets have long been a large advantage of android over iOS. With iOS 8, Apple finally simply enforced “widgets”, however, they’re pretty restricted. You’ll be able to solely add them to your Notification Center.
Apple opted to not have widgets offered on any of your main home screens to “avoid clutter”. Um, what? Having widgets on my android home screens is one amongst my favorite things regarding android.

Android offers all styles of widgets that you simply will place onto your home screens. These widgets may well be something from a custom clock, weather, alarms etc. you’ll be able to prepare these any that manner on your home screens and have your home screens be precisely the manner you would like them.

Memory can be expanded

The majority of android phones supply expandable memory. Meaning you’ll be able to pop open the rear cowl or a slot on the aspect of your phone and place in a very small South Dakota card that then becomes another memory to your phone. Many of the android phones out there’ll have a removable battery that you simply yourself will remove and replace or service to your feeling.

When you utilize a phone a short time, the battery can begin to lose its original capability. It is not a matter of if the battery life starts obtaining unhealthy; it is a matter of once. It’s simply however batteries work. They are going through enough charge cycles so they’ll solely hold a particular share of their original capability.
So, say you have had AN iPhone for an extended time and it does not last long in any respect before it desires a charge. Well, too bad, you will have to travel to the Apple store or some store that may service it or you will simply get to stand it.

Universal Chargers for Android

All hail small USB chargers! They’re the quality charger on a lot of devices out there together with android phones. Left your charger reception and you are on vacation or something? Haven’t any worry, the likelihood is that somebody includes a small USB charger for a few device of theirs which can charge your phone up simply fine.

Security Options

Always Google considers the protection of Android Smartphones. BTW the Apple too does the same, anyhow it got fewer security options than Android mobiles. The iPhone you can go with fingerprint or PIN unlocks and just by swiping your device. But on Android phones, you get more options to secure your mobile from strangers.

In Android mobiles, you can enter PIN numbers, Pattern locks, Long Passwords, Face Lock and some smartphones are arriving with fingerprint scanners too! Does it make any sense? And another best thing, if your Android mobile got lost then you can tack it with the help of Android Device Manager which is the web-based process! Anyhow you are benefited

Sharing Files via Bluetooth

Bluetooth plays a vital role sharing your files with your friends and this method made Cloud storage a new technology. But for alternative purpose Bluetooth still an important feature for all mobiles. But the issues here is, on iPhone you can’t use Bluetooth to send or receive files from another iOS device. So here iOS device lacks, and Android is leading!
The Android offers lots of sharing options and they are too user-friendly. Always Google considers on UI to make their users more simple in executing any sort of process in no time. BTW you have seen that too!


The Near Field Communication feature comes with all Android Smartphones for several years. But on Apple they don’t! The iPhone 6 and other models packed with NFC features, but they work only for Apple Pay. That may be the biggest drawback of iOS which make the Android still better with NFC for communication purposes. This shows Android is better than iOS!

Affordability – Android Mobiles are Cheaper!

Everyone knows iPhones are expensive gadgets in the market and it costs nearly $450 without a carrier contract. But Android mobiles are great ones which cost you less than iPhone. There are mobile ranging from $100 to $800+ and these smartphones help you on all occasions. What do you say about this affordability? Many people can’t able to buy iPhone by spending lots of bucks on it! But they can buy Best Android Smartphones for cheap! Aren’t I’m Right?

Android or iOS, Which One Should You Pick?

The decision should be made by you! We have compared the top features of Android with iOS and surely Android features are Mind Blowing  So pick a right platform and have fun! And we always recommend Android OS for better mobile experiences.
So finally these are 6 main benefits of Android over iOS platform and clearly shows that Android is leading platform. Which platform do you love to support Android vs iOS? Let us know in the comments below along with your thoughts about Why Android is Better than iOS Platform

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